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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Aquaria Grande by James Law Cybertecture

Aquaria Grande is an iconic residential development intended to become the landmark in Borivali of Mumbai. This distinctive project originated from the idea of adjacent forestry and trees. Using nature as an inspiration, the development encapsulates the natural form of indigenous trees and how it grows and lives symbiotically hosting other life forms. The two towers act as the main trunks that house over 200 apartment units, each with their own exclusive amenities and facilities. These are integrated seamlessly to the main podium below, where a host of facilities give root and footing to the development, from the simple needs for parking to the ingeniously designed club-house and gardens. Atop of each tower sits Triplex apartments, metaphorically mimicking the avian dwellers and their coveted nests and having luxurious spaces and finishes.

With Cybertecture principles driving the main technical design, the development is empowered greatly both internally and externally, where minimal columns are required within apartments, solar and heat management is done through façade, as well as natural ventilation, cooling and sustainable environmental conditions are carefully considered. Aquaria Grande sits majestically in its context, being “tree of life” in Borivali.
The floor to floor height of typical floor is set at 3.6m to encourage natural light and ventilation to indoor and minimize the need for excessive lighting and cooling system.
Furthermore, it benefits underneath apartment by using 3 types of cladding.
1. Solar panels to absorb excess heat gain and minimize use of indoor energy.
2. Opaque panels to resist awful glaring to indoor.
3. Transparent glass makes use of natural lighting to the roof garden.

Context of the project in its physical environment; how does it relate to its surroundings?
To foster a modern habitat in a natural environment, Aquaria Grande is composed of two 37 storeys soaring residential towers, a fully facilities equipped clubhouse, a sustainable podium garden and an enormous car park, which create a novel and luxury lifestyle to the citizens of Borivali district. The clubhouse in podium inspires by extending the tree form of tower which integrate of landscape and architecture harmony. The landscape roof could create a sustainable experience by provision of grand lawn, groves and waterfall along the access to clubhouse. The clubhouse giving a contemporary outlook and fully furnishes with community facilities. It includes badminton court, gymnasium and swimming pool fulfill need for healthy exercise; Restaurant and multifunction hall for community facilities.

Constraints or challenges? How were they overcome?
For the project, construction is simplified via column and beam and hence minimizing the potential constraints encountered.
Project Data: 2 Basements, 4 Podium and 37 Stories Residential Tower
Project name : Aquaria Grande
Location : Mumbai, India
Client : Wadhwa Developer
Principal Architect : James Law Cybertecture International Holdings Limited
M&E Engineers : MEP Consulting Engineers PVT Ltd.
C&S Engineers : M/S Mahimtura Consultants PVT Ltd.
Contractor : Pratibha Industries Ltd.
Construction Start : August 2008
Scheduled completion date : December 2011
Building height (meters) : 165 m
Building height (storeys) : 37 storeys
Gross Floor Area (square meters) : 37000 sq.m.
Site Area (square meters) : 13639.4 sq.m

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