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Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Koreatown Performance Media Center / Cehei Design

By: Lidija Grozdanic | July - 5 - 2011

The Korean Performance Media Center designed by Cehei Design is situated within a mid-sized residential complex. It promotes a blending of programmatic spaces through the application of a responsive surface media. The display of information and signage prevalent in Koreatown provoked the use of solar powered LED panels which could act to create a new transportation resource (electricity) while also serve as an alluring technology in order to promote the inclusion of a Performance based Media Center at this medium sized residential development. The urban surface in this project is expanded by the use of LED panels which respond to the weight of human interaction and also serve as a new medium for the display of artists residing in the Center. The hopes are that this new center will spawn a drive towards solar resource capture while it provides the culture of the neighborhood with fun and interactive technologies.
The new center is designed with an educational purpose in mind, encouraging a clean drive toward renewable sources of energy such as solar power. Moreover, the integration of interactive technologies with sustainability could also make people think about the environment and the necessary means to stop its degradation.

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