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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

“On the cherry blossom”

Japanese practice a.l.x. has designed “On the cherry blossom”, a house on the corner of a residential street in Tokyo, Japan. The name is derived from two cherry trees nearby the building but also from its unusual shape. The house just like to tree grows upwards, the trunk ramifies and the form widens just like it functions. Windows are located mostly on the higher floors and the window on the first floor, the smallest one is designed for vertical communication. The wide floor-to-ceiling window face on the upper-most floor offers the house owners a spectacular view from the dining table of the surrounding trees and roofs. The house is a simplified model of the cherry tree and is composed of multiple cubic volumes fitted together. The resulting design is marvelous and offers the observers always new view of the object. By this project the architects showed how the question of corner plot can be perceived. The interior gives puristic impression. The dominant colour is white which does not in any way disturb the space but only opens up and enlarges the house with living space only 85 square meters.

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