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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Archivision hirotani studio: fujitsubo beauty parlor

'fujitsubo beauty parlor' by archivision hirotani studio in tokyo, japan
all images courtesy archivision hirotani studio

japanese practice archivision hirotani studio has completed 'fujitsubo beauty parlor',
a two-storey salon in the omote-sando area of tokyo, japan. referencing the form of
a sea barnacle, the design features three openings in the roof which funnels natural daylight
into the interior space within.

exterior view

extruding on an irregularly-shaped plan, the building stands as a free-standing form with
a strong visual identity of its own. the exterior surface is entirely clad in copper sheets
that will slowly change in tone over time. the street face and entrance are made transparent
through a floor-to-ceiling window that wraps around the eastern corner of the form.
by blurring the junction of the structure, the small entry way gains an extended sense of space.

(left) facade finish
(right) street view

south elevation

(left) east elevation
(right) entrance

finished singularly in a white surface, the interior maximizes on the natural daylight effect
throughout the building. linear slits in the floor plate carry the light to the level below,
maintaining a naturally illuminated space that encourages a sense of continuity.
while the salon lacks conventional windows, the space preserves an airy atmosphere
through the faceted ceiling form which visually pulls up the room in a dynamic and
geometric manner. a new layer of dimension is added through the multitude of angles
projecting at different directions.

interior view of ground floor


roof opening above the staircase

second level

(left) view of opening
(right) from staircase

tapering roof openings

basement level

site and roof plan

floor plan / level -1

floor plan / level 0

floor plan / level +1

longitudinal section

south elevation

north elevation

(left) east elevation
(right) west elevation

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