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Thursday, 8 September 2011

EverRest Monument Commemorates Mining in Duhamel, Germany

By: admin | July - 26 - 2011

The Everrest project designed by Simon Takasaki is a  monument that commemorates the end of mining in Duhamel, Germany. The design characterizes by its careful integration to the landscape, urban context, and historical site.. 
The 30 meters-high, walk-in sculpture, holds the ‘path of the history’ of the site. 
As a memorial, the sculpture offers the viewer a path within a mountain appearing as part of the natural topography.
 The path leads over a natural base of broken bricks, boulders, and a well lit and airy great hall -a space designed for contemplation and inspiration. 
It serves for exhibitions or smaller events such as chamber of music or reading room .
The project’s geometry gives the impression of being  a cave that communicates to the outside world through a series of openings. 
The syncretic inversion of the mountain surrounds the visitor as continuos space that extends to the observation deck.

 Seen from outside, the sculpture seems to be formed by invisible forces of nature: an amorphous entity.
 On the one hand strong winds have been compressed and formed a dynamic, 
harmonious formation, 
on the other, destructive forces and dissonances are at work and fragment the choreography of the monument.

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