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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Winner of the international conceptual competition – Taiwan Tower

DSBA was awarded 1st prize in international conceptual competition for a new skyscraper design in Taiwan. They won because of their original concept of floating observation decks. Architects got inspired by the shape of the Taiwan island resembling to a leaf that is why they used this element in their extended concept. Skyscraper or tower is actually a technology tree with 8 spatial leaves looking like Zeppelin ships sliding up and down the centric tree, serving the guests as lifts. Tower has not only ground levels but the underground levels as well. It houses all needed functions: information center, museum, office spaces, conference rooms, restaurants or observation decks.
Their design is unique because of the minimal parcel requirements and offers enough of green spaces. Besides that vertical communications are integrated and it takes advantage of natural ventilation. Offices are viewing at all four world directions what creates a generous interior space. The building is powered by electric energy produced by a series of axial turbines situated along the vertical center. The lighting of underground spaces and museum is created thanks to a fiber optic system. The heating system of the floating observation decks is powered by an electromagnetic field while the electricity is created by a new membrane technology. Challenging was the problem with the rain water that is collected by an underground tank where the water is purified, so it can be reused.

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