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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

SILO Recycling Competition for YEOSU-EXPO / G.Lab* by Gansam Architects & Partner

Courtesy of Gansam Architects & Partners
Gansam Architects & Partners proposal for the SILO Recycling International Competition for the Yeosu Expo in Yeosu, .  The design includes an expo gallery and visitor’s center that hopes to establish the feeling of the expo center with the city and its natural environment.
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Courtesy of Gansam Architects & Partners
The design is based on a concept of beginning. The Silo and its concrete material represent the key ingredient in the history of civilizations, which, for thousands of years, has been the foundation of technological advances. Additionally, the ocean is the beginning place of life. With 90% of life beginning in the oceans, it is an essential life giving habitat which Gansam Architects & Partners regard as the foundation of beginnings.
Courtesy of Gansam Architects & Partners
The Silo is the physical form that wraps the interior space which is animated by the installation of an optical illusion called the “Moire Effect.”This effect produces wave-like lights that dance along the surface of the concrete walls producing mesmerizing effects especially in the night-time.
Courtesy of Gansam Architects & Partners
The Silo of Yeosu city is conceived of as a new landmark that marks the physical and spiritual presence of Yeosu and those that rely on it. The exterior form undulates in a skin-system of woven and rolled structural components. Likewise, the interior spaces weave through one another and intersect to produce new spaces within its interiority guiding visitors through digital media, art and lighting performances and ending in an observation deck. Together the skin system and the spaces are a reference to the unpredictability of the ocean.
Courtesy of Gansam Architects & Partners
The gallery delivers the philosophy of the Yeosu Expo center, uniting the spirit of new media as it develops with an observation of the city and its spectacular view of the ocean. The gallery, visitor center and observation platform work in unity from the base green growth of the ocean to the outward view at its top.
Architect: by Gansam Architects & Partners
Location: Yeosu, South Korea
Project architect: Chuloh Jung
Design team: Youn-sook Hwang, Wookjin Chung, Sang-Hyun Son, Seungwon Choi, Song Han, Taewook Kang, Sunghwa Na, Minjung Jung
Project area: 3,928.68 sqm
Competition Year: 2010
Collaboration with: Mileseum, Nomura, Meccadesign

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