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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Busan Opera House / sanzpont [arquitectura]

By: admin | August - 24 - 2011

Proposal made by the twin brothers of sanzpont [arquitectura] for Busan Opera House Competition. The concept of design is based on the philosophy of Korea, the balance of opposites, the Um-Yang. The fundamental idea is to create an iconic building that represents the culture in which it is immersed, to remind the native people where they come from in order to promote this philosophy to the outside world. Materializing this ancient philosophy in a cutting edge building connects the past with the present, giving long life to a culture that must be projected into the future. The vision of this building is the integration with its natural and urban environment, besides being spectacular, create public spaces and nature, respecting and helping the environment, a sustainable design that promote a city to the world.
Skin Innovation : Energy Flow in Motion - The LED, RGB lighting glows inside a double layer of Nebular Gradient Silkscreened ETFE. The printed texture gradients the opacity of the skin to control sunlight and lighting. By controlling the intensity and the RGB gradients of the LEDs, the skin creates Energy Flow in Motion. The skin represents the unity of opposites that compose the cosmos.

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