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Monday, 5 September 2011

Europan_X / Baptiste Marconnet

By: Lidija Grozdanic | August - 22 - 2011

The Europan_X project by Baptiste Marconnet explores the ways of extending the urban fabric beyond the coastline. It is conceived as a assemblage of intertwining bands. The middle band is part of the project which allows the connection between the other two elements. The car and tramway paths overlap, creating a unified passageway, linked to the existing rail network to create a connection with the rest of the city.
The bands are enveloped with double skin layers which shelter the faux balconies, and enable optimal insulation levels of the lower parts of the building. The skin itself is cellular in structure, supporting the floor slabs. The structural and load-bearing features of the skin enable the formation of large common spaces within the building’s volume.
Programmatically, the facilities are distributed uniformly along the length of the structure, with sporadic interruptions in form of large public areas. The public row is closer to the city as it is designed to serve as a mediator between the new structure and the city and attract users form the adjacent neighborhood. The private row is closer to the water in order to provide best views of the surroundings and a more intimate environment for the inhabitants.

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