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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Reconfiguration of Shipping Containers as Public Space in Long Beach

By: admin | August - 25 - 2011

(RE)Configured-Assemblage is a developmental landmark proposal by WE-DESIGNS.ORG in collaboration  with XP& architecture composed of reconfigured traces of shipping containers, through diligently reconnecting, revitalising, and humanizing the accessibility of the City of Long Beach, Long Beach Blvd and Broadway Area. Through proposing three types of innovatively reconstructed modular shipping containers, the overall construct leads to open courtyards, interlocking units, and playfully generated programs that introduce a new innovative topological design that regenerates and reconnects the community.
Bringing together a fusion of technological, economical and cultural entities, and combining a public free space into an interlocked modular construct, which includes an internal courtyard as public landscape, the newly developed (RE)Configured-Assemblage becomes an open playground of hidden gems, which offers the community countless integrated opportunities to develop and harmonise the City of Long Beach, Long Beach Blvd Area. The shifting of the vertical containers on the Intelligent Daylight Façade represents the constant movement of containers in the nation’s busiest container port.
Acting as an intermediary “connector” and “infiltrator” within five main connections of interlocked programmatic organization–between levels of: Institutional (Eco-Edu Centre), Studios/Art Galleries/Loft Spaces (also acts as temporary lodging spaces), Commercial (Retail/Stores), and two F&B options (Cafe Ground Floor/Roof Top Bar)–(RE)Configured- Assemblage challenges the visceral and abundantly urbanized City of Long Beach, Long Beach Blvd Area that sustainability feeds itself through both land and sun. Through building a new and innovative infrastructural system that feeds into the ‘connectors’, each layer of program interlocks and intersects each other, by regenerating new energy and systematic advances a continued developmental and renewed energy which each path brings.

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